Between Both Cheeks

Divorce and Cancer Survivor Jen Rozenbaum

November 06, 2023 Bryght Skincare Season 4 Episode 26
Between Both Cheeks
Divorce and Cancer Survivor Jen Rozenbaum
Between Both Cheeks +
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Show Notes

 This week we chat with the amazing Jen Rozenbaum, a renowned photographer, author, TEDx speaker, and survivor of both breast cancer and divorce.

We dive into Jen's experience as the photographer for Bryght's Strength and Courage campaign in March 2023, discussing the emotional depth of the project and how it connects to her personal journey. As breast cancer survivors, Jen and Luba also share their own stories of resilience and the strength they found within themselves during their battles.

Jen also opens up about her recent "glow up" post-divorce, drawing from her past experiences with cancer to find strength in this new chapter of her life.

Find Jen online here:

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