Between Both Cheeks

Candy Shaw, the Balay Lama™

October 23, 2023 Bryght Skincare Season 4 Episode 25
Between Both Cheeks
Candy Shaw, the Balay Lama™
Between Both Cheeks +
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Show Notes

Meet the one and only Candy Shaw, aka the Balay Lama™!

Candy Shaw's been turning heads (literally!) with her shining career and her unstoppable belief in the power of education. She's all about making salons, coloring, and cutting businesses not just shine but skyrocket! 

This episode isn't just for the Cosmos. It's for EVERYONE in the beauty biz.

This ain't your regular haircare talk; this is Candy Shaw's world, and we're just living in it.

She's got nuggets of wisdom that'll make you think twice. Get your notebooks ready because you won't want to miss a single tidbit of her incredible business savviness.

Join Luba, Becca, and Erin as we learn more about Candy Shaw and Sunlights Pro.

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