Between Both Cheeks

Growing your Email List with Privy

October 17, 2023 Bryght Skincare Season 4 Episode 24
Between Both Cheeks
Growing your Email List with Privy
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Show Notes

In this special episode of the Between Both Cheeks podcast, Becca flies solo and is joined by an exciting guest, Carley Palm, who serves as the Senior Customer Success Manager at Privy. Privy is an ecommerce marketing platform that's taking the online retail world by storm. Designed for businesses seeking rapid sales growth, Privy offers a TON of tools. Whether it's expanding your contact lists, recovering abandoned shopping carts, or crafting perfect emails and text messages, Privy consolidates it all into one place.

Bryght swears by Privy for our email and SMS marketing. In fact, we've been so impressed that we want to share this valuable resource with you, our listeners. If you're in the market to level up your email list, you won't want to miss this episode.

Be sure to visit Privy for a free discovery call, and don't forget to mention "Bryght" sent you! Get started today at

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