Between Both Cheeks

We Rise by Lifting Each Other

September 15, 2023 Bryght Skincare Season 4 Episode 22
Between Both Cheeks
We Rise by Lifting Each Other
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Show Notes

An episode from the We Rise by Lifting Each Other podcast, which Luba was a guest on.

Host Michelle Beck welcomes her friend Luba Sasowski, SHE-E-O of Bryght, to talk about her journey to the top and how along the way she has supported and continues to pave the way for other women.

Luba Sasowski is the founder of skin brightening line Bryght and diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. Every day she is a boss, lives life to the fullest and is full of joy. Bryght skincare is made with clients in mind. They offer products ranging from skin lightening, waxing, to their newest line “strength & courage” offering soothing skincare for cancer patients, eczema, lupus, or dry delicate skin.

For today's "Happy Hour" we are highlighting Luba’s favorite, champagne!

“Now I don’t care what people think and what people say. So if I can help young women feel like that, how much am I helping them with their self-esteem, their business and their life?" – Luba Sasowski, SHE-E-O of Bryght.

For more information – and follow Michelle on social media: IG: RiseByLiftingEachOther and everywhere else @ We Rise By Lifting Each Other.  Just look for the phoenix! Michelle can also be found on IG: INeverLikedPink

The goal of the “We Rise By Lifting Each Other” podcast is to highlight good in the world by speaking with individuals and organizations who help others heal beyond adversity by rising together.

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