Between Both Cheeks

Taking an Ex Employee to Judge Judy!

September 08, 2023 Season 4 Episode 21
Between Both Cheeks
Taking an Ex Employee to Judge Judy!
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Show Notes

 In this episode of Between Both Cheeks, we dive into the world of legal disputes in the beauty industry with a special guest, Angela Lark from The Sweetest Skin Co in California. Angela recently found herself on the TV show  "Judy Justice," a spin-off of the legendary "Judge Judy," alongside the one and only Judge Judy herself!

In this eye-opening conversation, Angela takes us through the dramatic legal battle that ensued when her employees solicited clients and opened a competing business just miles down the road.

Don't miss this fascinating episode as Angela Lark recounts her journey through "Judy Justice"  To watch Angela's episode on "Judy Justice," click here:

Find and Follow Angela online here:

**The information provided in this video does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice or a contract; instead, all information, content, and materials available in this video are for general informational purposes only and based on publicly available information. Information in this video does not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information. The video description may contain links to other third-party websites. Such links are only for the convenience of the viewer, user, or browser. Bryght and its employees do not recommend or endorse the contents of any website. All opinions of Angela Lark are her own and do not represent the opinions of Bryght** 

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