Between Both Cheeks

$250 Brazilian Waxes are POSSIBLE!

July 28, 2023 Season 4 Episode 16
Between Both Cheeks
$250 Brazilian Waxes are POSSIBLE!
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Show Notes

We have an absolute treat for you today! Join us as we chat with the incredible Elise Agostinelli, Education and Sales Director of Naturaverde Pro Wax, who shares her fascinating journey as an esthetician and her passion for all things waxing. Elise is kinda our favorite 😍

In this episode, Elise opens up about her early days as an esthetician, hustling to build her reputation and charging $250 for her coveted Brazilian waxes. You heard that right – $250! She spills the secrets to her success and how she became the go-to waxing expert.

Elise firmly believes in the power of networking and collaboration within the beauty industry. She'll share how this belief led her to an incredible partnership with the renowned LA-based esthetician, René de la Garza, known for his work with celebrities.

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